Four killed in Oklahoma Shooting

Heart Breaking , Heart aching, Oklahoma shooting of innocent citizens. These shootings will carry on as long as the United states doesn’t change the gun ownership laws. The US needs a change immediately.

No weapon should be allowed to any individual under the age of 35. If we investigate or look at the recent gun violance in United states, most of the shooters belong to the age group of below 30.

God help America. Innocent citizens are dying just for nothing , innocent children, innocent students. Why the US government is reluctant to change the law ? Gun ownership law bill will receive majority of votes, if introduced in United States senate or Congress. But the question is :

“Why US lawmakers are so reluctant to change the law ? “

Can you imagine the extent of this terror on citizens of America ?

God Bless America!

Let’s pray for American citizens.

World”s super power is facing the challenges of super racism and shooting around the country


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