Chinese President Xi Jinping inaugurated the third term of the Supreme Leadership
October 23, 2022

In China, an important meeting of the Communist Party was held on the 23rd, and a new supreme leadership was established with President Xi Jinping, who is in an unusual third term, being leader of the party.
President Xi has made the members of the leadership more closely related to each other, and has shown that the concentration of power in himself has progressed further.

In China, on the 23rd, following the closing of the Chinese Communist Party Congress, an important meeting “1st Plenum” was held, and seven members of the Supreme Leadership, including President Xi Jinping, and the Politburo Standing Committee were selected.

Xi, now 69, broke the convention of his retirement age and entered an unusual third term as the party’s top general secretary.

The new Supreme Leader appeared before the media at home and abroad after 1:00 pm on the 23rd Japan time.

In addition to President Xi, the following six people were selected as the new top leadership.

 Mr. Li Qiang. When President Xi was the head of Zhejiang Province, he supported him as secretary-general to coordinate the provincial officials, and now serves as the head of Shanghai.
Mr. He served as head of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, which was responsible for cracking down on corruption among party leaders.
Mr. Wang Huning. I have played a role as a brain for President Xi.
Mr. He served as Xi’s subordinate for many years in Fujian and Zhejiang provinces and served as the top secretary of the city of Beijing.
Mr. Ding Xuexiang. He is the head of the Central General Affairs Office, which assists President Xi and manages the affairs of the party.
Mr. Lee. He was the secretary of the top of Guangdong Province and was newly appointed as the head of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

In addition, the number of members of the Politburo, including the highest leadership, has decreased by one to 24 this time, and many members who are said to have a close relationship with President Xi were selected.

Among them, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who will turn 69 by the end of this month, is expected to break the convention of his retirement age and be promoted to a member of the Politburo, succeeding Yang Jiechi to oversee foreign affairs.

Hu Chunhua, the deputy prime minister, was not re-elected to the Politburo.

Mr. Hu was said to be close to former President Hu Jintao and Premier Li Keqiang, and was said to be one of the hopes of the next generation of President Xi and others, but he was demoted.

President Xi has made the members of the leadership team more closely related to him, such as close aides and subordinates who have worked in rural areas. It has also been pointed out that he is considering staying as a leader.

*Chi = Bamboo crown with underpants.
President Xi meets with six members
President Xi Jinping led six newly elected members of the Supreme Leadership to a press conference in the Great Hall of the People.

Then, after stating that he would continue to serve as the party’s top general secretary, he introduced the new members.

In addition, he expressed his determination for the third term, saying, “We will faithfully fulfill our duties without forgetting our mission and responsibilities, and will never disobey the mandate of the Party and the people.”

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